Why should your child learn to ride horses?

1. It’ll keep them fit and physically active.

Horses, like most sports, will keep your son or daughter active. Riding, grooming, tacking up and untacking all are activities that require them to be moving around and outside in all kinds of weather (even if riding in an indoor arena, you get the gist). And if they are doing more around the barn like cleaning stalls, feeding, grooming retired horses– all of these actively burn calories and build muscle. Think kids are too sedentary these days? Get them riding.
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Lessons in basic through intermediate English, Western and general horsemanship. Riding and horse handling programs available for the first time horse owner or those just returning to the horse world. Learn on your own horse or use one of our trained school horses.

We accept students of all ages, disabled riders as well.

Call or email for available time slots and to reserve your time.

Private 1 hour lesson : 1 hour lessons for groups of 2 or more:
$60.00 per hour
$40.00 per hour
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